A Selection of Paintings. 
By Vincent Finnan, site author and owner.

Having built and expanded this site from it's inception in 2008 until the present day it is true to say that the journey has been, and continues to be, a very satisfying labour of love.

If you have visited my site author page you will have read that my interest in the arts extends not only to art history but also to a love of the process of painting itself. Although my work cannot compare with the magnificent masterpieces of the renaissance - I am a keen and serious amateur - I have decided to show a small selection of my paintings. Some of these are based on themes from the Renaissance others are more contemporary, my hope is that you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them. 

The Rape of Europa.

The Rape of Europa - the word rape meaning seduction in this context - was a popular subject throughout the Renaissance era. Painters such as Titian, Veronese and Reni have all painted versions of the Greek myth with Titian’s rendition being perhaps the most famous.

In Greek mythology Zeus is in love with the princess Europa. Determined to seduce her he transforms himself into a white bull and mingles with her father's herd. When Europa climbs on his back he swims to the island of Crete where he reveals himself and consummates his lust. Europa became the first Queen of Crete and the continent of Europe is derived from her name. 

Farewell 2016.

At the end of 2016 I was struck by how many famous faces had sadly passed away during the year. I decided to paint this homage of six portraits - just some of the many who passed - the six are from left to right.

Top row:-
David Bowie, Mohamed Ali, Andrew Sachs (Fawlty Towers)

Bottom row:-
Prince, Peter Vaughan, (Game of Thrones) and John Glenn.

The Death of Actaeon.

 The Death of Actaeon story originates from the Latin poets Ovid's account in the Metamorphosis, it is the subject of a famous painting by the Venetian Renaissance Artist Titian.

Actaeon is hunting in the forest with his dogs when he inadvertently sees the goddess Diana bathing naked in a stream. Diana is outraged at this intrusion and transforms the unfortunate Actaeon into a stag, he is hunted by his own dogs and eventually torn apart by them.

In my humble version one hound springs in surprise at the hand of his master, the only part of the hunter yet to be transformed. Two other dogs have already started to instinctively attack the stag. The goddess Diana is poised to strike a killer blow. 


The Sugar Man is Sixto Diaz Rodriguez a musician from the sixties who was rediscovered in the 1990's. His story is told in the 2012 documentary entitled:- 'Searching for the Sugar Man'.

Dr Jacob Bronowski.

 Dr Jacob Bronowski was a Scientist, Mathematician and Inventor, his legacy is the 1973 BBC documentary series The Ascent of Man. I have painted him with his treasured possession, the cast of the Taung Child skull believed to be one of man's earliest ancestors.

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