Renaissance Timeline. Artists and Events.

    The 14th century. The Trecento.

 Italian Artists.

1267. Birth of Giotto.

1337. Death of Giotto

1378. Birth of Lorenzo Ghiberti.

1386. Birth of Donatello. 

1395/1400. Birth of Paolo Uccello and Fra Angelico.

   Northern Artists.

1366. Birth of Hubert van Eyck. 

1375. Birth of Robert Campin.

1385. Birth of Jan Van Eyck. 

1399. Birth of Rogier van der Weyden.


1265. Birth of Dante

1348. The Black Death sweeps through Europe. Between 25% and 50% of the population fall victim to the plague

1378. The estimated appearance of Halley's Comet. (November 10)

1389. Birth of Cosimo de' Medici.

   The 15th century. The Quattrocento.

 Italian Artists.

1401. Birth of Masaccio.

1406. Fra Filippo Lippi.

1410/1420. Birth of Piero della Francesca

1428. Death of Masaccio aged 27.

1431. Birth of Andrea Mantegna
and Giovanni Bellini.

1435. Birth of Andrea del Verrocchio

1446. Brunelleschi dies on April 15th.
Birth of Sandro Botticelli. 

(c1450) Birth of Domenico Ghirlandaio and Pietro Perugino

1452. Birth of Leonardo da Vinci.

1455. Death of Ghiberti and
Fra Angelico. 

1457/8. Birth of Filippino Lippi

1466. Donatello dies  

1469. Death of Fra Filippo Lippi

1475. Death of Uccello Birth of Michelangelo Buonarroti 

1483. Birth of Raphael Sanzio

(1485-1490) Birth of Giorgione and of Titian 

1488. Death of Andrea del Verrocchio 

1489. Birth of Correggio

1492. Death of  Piero della Francesca 

  Northern Artists.

1420. Birth of Jean Fouquet.

1426. Death of Hubert van Eyck

1430. Birth of Hans Memling

1440. Birth of Hugo van der

1444. Death of Robert Campin

1450. Birth of
Hieronymus Bosch

1460. Birth of Gerard David

1466. Birth of Quentin Matsys

1470. Birth of Grunewald

1471. Birth of
Albrecht Durer

1481. Death of Jean Fouquet 

1483. Death of van der Goes

1494. Death of Hans Memling

1497. Birth of Hans
Holbein the Younger


1406. Dick Whittington is elected Lord Mayor of London.

1420-1436. Brunelleschi completes the Dome of Florence Cathedral.

1426. Masaccio is commissioned to paint The Pisa Polyptych.

1431. 30 May, Joan of Arc is burned at the stake.

1434. Jan Van Eyck paints The Arnolfini Portrait.

1446. Birth of Christopher Columbus.

1449. Birth of Lorenzo de Medici.

1452. Ghiberti completes The gates of paradise.

1455. The Wars of the Roses. The English civil war.

1457/8. Birth of King Henry VII of England.

1466. Birth of the Dutch philosopher Erasmus.

1469. Lorenzo de Medici takes power in Florence.

1475. Birth of Cesare Borgia.

1483. The Sistine Chapel opens.

1485. Botticelli paints The Birth of Venus.

1488. Michelangelo Buonarroti is apprenticed to Domenico Ghirlandaio.

1492. October 12th, Columbus discovers America. 

   The 16th century. The Cinquecento. 

 Italian Artists.

1506. Death of Andrea Mantegna

1510. Death of Sandro Botticelli 
and Giorgione

1516. Death of Giovanni Bellini

1518. Birth of Tintoretto

1519. Death of Leonardo da Vinci

1520. Death of Raphael aged 37

1523. Death of Perugino

1528. Birth of Veronese

1534. Death of Correggio

1564. Death of Michelangelo

1571. Birth of Caravaggio

1576. Death of Titian

1588. Death of Veronese

1594. Death of Tintoretto

  Northern Artists.

1516. Death of Hieronymus Bosch.

1523. Death of Gerard David

1525. Birth of Pieter Bruegel the Elder

1528. Death of Durer and of

1543. Death of Hans Holbein

1569. Death of Pieter Bruegel

1577. Birth of Peter Paul Rubens

1594. Birth of Nicolas  Poussin


1508. Michelangelo begins work in the Sistine Chapel.

1516. Leonardo da Vinci accepts Francis I's invitation to France.

1518. Raphael paints his portrait of Leo X. (Giovanni di Lorenzo de Medici.

1519. Birth of Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

1520. Pope Leo X threatens Martin Luther with Excommunication.

1527. The sack of Rome by German mercenary troops.

1550. The Lives of the Artists by Vasari is published.

1564. Naples bans kissing in public under pain of death.

1571. The Royal Exchange opens in London, England.

1576. Spanish soldiers sack Antwerp.

1588. The Spanish Armada is defeated by the English.

1594. Henry IV of Navarre is crowned King of France.